Thomas Pitre , B.F.A., MA, Ph.D.

PO Box  2124  
Sequim, Washington 98382-2124  USA
Tele: 360 355-8996 




Experienced:  Editor, teacher, trainer, on-line curriculum and instructional designer and developer.  Experienced, and deeply involved in the production of:  media, marketing, program development, and  the administration and maintenance of  Internet commerce. Assistant director and dean of faculty for an international university.

Profile: Analyst and Knowledge Worker, creating, collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, structuring, storing and retrieving data and information -- both written and graphic. Editor and Publisher of on/off-line publications. [Write for samples or pointers to samples.]

Special Skills:  Hand coded HTML. Graphic design with Photoshop 7, Macromedia Director MX2004, Bryce 4, LView, Panorama Factor and Fireworks. Working with canned CGI, Applets and Javascripts. Scanning and retouching photographs (PhotoShop  7, CS5), Copy writing and editing.  Editing, prepping and encoding Real System audio and video files with Adobe Premier, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie,  Cool Edit, Dubit, Sound Forge, Swish Flash Movie Maker and Real Producer. Document preparation / conversion and OCR scanning, using:  Office97, Office 2000-10, Office98 for PCs, Adobe Acrobat Exchange/Distiller.  Computer skills are cross-platform Windows/Macintosh/UNIX/Linux.


IBM 360, IBM MTSC/MTSC, HP, Xerox, Tandy, HP, Apple, Mac, PCs  Miscellaneous A/V devices, video digitizing and editing, audio creation and editing,  CD ROM mastering,   networking cards, Ethernet, routers, webcams, muxes, photo lithographic equipment, machine shop, wood shop, automotive mechanics, small-engine mechanics, process photography, installation and trouble-shooting at board level of , peripherals, drives, tapes, modems.  Fiber optic splicing and connectorization.  


Unix, Linux, MAC O/S, Windows ME, 98, XP and Vista. Programming in: BASIC, Pad++, Fortran, C, Pascal, PAL, dBase, Visual Basic, SQL, Logo, Profile, WYLBUR, HTML, UNIX C-shell, Perl, BEOS, Linux, applications, graphics including PhotoShop CS5.5,  multimedia authoring (ToolBook, etc.), presentation graphics, spreadsheets, database programming, desktop publishing, CD production, still and motion video/audio.


October, 2010-Present.  Backroom computer management, planning and marketing, BLOG, photography; Yao International Market, Sequim, WA

Dec. 2008-Present: Co-President and Web Master, Sequim PC User's Group, a 501 (c) (3) Educational Organization. Dec., 2003 - Present (3-08). Vice President, SPCUG (Sequim PC User's Group) Dec. 2005-2006, Treasurer, SPCUG. . January, 2007- Vice President and Technical Consultant, SPCUG.  Maintain and write web site and club newsletters. Edit and write club communications.

Summer, 2005 - Co-Founder, Choices & Voices, Olympic Peninsula. An on line site, BLOG and WIKI.  (Wiki, inactive).  The purpose is to promote civic journalism and to provide resources to journalists, BLOGGERS, writers and communicators.

Mar., 2005 - September, 2005: Moderator, PC SIG, Retired Scientist's, Olympic Peninsula.

2002-January, 2007,  Webmaster, Sequim Museum  [ Former link: ] 2005-06 Member, Public Dimension Assessment Team. Reports to director and IMLS, Washington, DC. Continue as technical consultant to MAC, 3-08.

Oct. 2000 - Present:  Originator, Webmaster, Sequim Web at:  Sequim Web is a local, community site for residents and businesspersons in Sequim, Washington. First community web cam in Sequim.

Published PC SIG Newsletter - since April 2000-April 2003. A semi-monthly, illustrated newsletter dealing with hardware, software, technology, trends, security, etc.  Past Member and User Group Coordinator,  Microsoft, Mindshare User Group Support Program. The newsletter was published under the name, SoftCopy, eventually until the final issue, October, 2005. [Sample issues available.]

2000 - 2001  Editor, Museum and Art Center (THE MAC) Newsletter, Sequim, WA.  

Aug. 2002-2006: Volunteer with Industry Technology Cluster, Clallam County Economic Development Council

2003: Volunteer Editor and Senior Writer, TechJournal, STMA, Port Angeles, WA.  Published as Technology News, (Fall, 2003).  

2003: Webmaster, Clallam Business Incubator Web Site < > [Site content donated to Economic Development Council, Port Angeles, Spring, 2004.]

1999 - 2001:  Assistant Director, Rushmore Global MBA Program; MBA, International, Inc., Online MBA Program Served as Faculty Advisor to Graduate Students and System Support Administrator for multi-user site and domain hosting. Duties include: screening candidates, assigning faculty, editing newsletter, administering web site, advising graduate and doctoral students, teach custom and self-designed modules and courses in MBA and DBA programs. In December 2000, I asked to step down as Assistant Director and became Director, Curriculum and Development. I also passed on my duties as support person to another faculty.

1998 - 2000: Adjunct Faculty and Textbook Facilitator, Canyon College, Idaho. Instruct courses in Finance, Statistics and Decision Theory. Left faculty, January, 2000. Remained as Textbook Coordinator for university and faculty until 2001 to manage book sales. Managed texts for courses.  Students could order texts on line from Amazon's secure server from Canyon's Bookstore.  Alternatively, they could order books from Barnes and Noble using my system.

Currently, as an independent contractor, I deliver management courses via electronic delivery and create original CD-based training courses delivered via the net and/or via CD in ToolBook format.

Responsible for the original design and delivery of on-line courses in:   Knowledge Management, Decision Theory, Finance, Statistics, 'C' Programming, UNIX System Administration, Management of Electronic Information, Digital Photography, On Line Research Methods and Tools; Humanities -A and Business Mathematics.
  Volunteer Faculty, International University of Advanced Studies.  Course: Humanities "A", including Anthropology, Archeology and The Scientific Method. See President's Report and other articles at:, and   Contributing Editor, "Managing Electronic Information", Suite 101, (i5ive Communications); Vancouver, B.C.

1999-2001:  Columnist, Olympic Peninsula Business Journal,  Sequim, WA Offline version discontinued, Dec., 1999.  Contributing Editor, BIZ BLOG, Olympic Peninsula Business Journal On Line (OPBJ), March 2000 - present.  25% raise in pay, November, 2000. OPBJ  is now off line ( 4 - 2001 ).

1999-2000: Contributing Editor, Brief Me, E-Magazine.  Topic:
Education and Higher Learning.   

1999-2001: Senior Editor and Columnist, Rushmore Newsletter

1999 - 2001:  Writer and Contributor, The Idea Channel.

1998 - 2007 Webmaster and Publications Manager, Retired Scientists, Olympic Peninsula PC-SIG and Official R/S Sites. Publisher, semi-monthly Personal Computer  SIG Newsletter, 2000-2002. Currently publish PC news via email.

Past Years:   

Research Assistant, and Assistant to the President (Prof. Lung Den Liaw of JFK University), Berkeley Institute, Inc., Berkeley, California. Technical support and administration for contract work of a confidential nature for Asian and stateside contracts and administration. Created marketing presence for company, screened applicants, managed communications, designed and maintained database and information systems for International Management and Training function of Berkeley Institute. Worked with stateside vendors as liaison with overseas buyers.

UNIX System Administrator, Sequoia Institute, Fremont, CA   Supervised programming contractor, and responsible for staff training and database implementation. 

1995-1999 Faculty, Computer Assisted Learning Center (CALC), Rochester, New York. Instructor, UNIX System Administration and Management of Information.

1996-7 Instructor, Corporate Training and Economic Development; Mission College, Santa Clara, CA. Developed and created curriculum and training for West Valley - Mission College District in Fiber Optics; Photonics and Fiber Optics Installation. Trained military and civilian communications technicians. Author/Editor of training manual: "Fiber Optics Manual, Training Protocols and Procedures." Manual translated into Spanish in Spain by Fernando Navarro Paez (Ciberstudio,, 1997.

1997-8 Adjunct Faculty, Peninsula College, Port Angeles, WA.  Instructor,  computer applications in Computer-Assisted Training Program, including:   Windows 95, Excel and Computer Fundamentals. 

Technical Editor, Macmillan/Paramount Communications and Publishers.  Teach Yourself the Internet [ISBN: 0672307359] , SAMS Publications   

1994-1996 Consultant, Computer Training Consultants, San Jose, CA  Train users in introduction and navigation of the Internet using a variety of software suites, including Netscape, Mosaic, Pipeline, Embarque, etc. Developed courses in New Technology Series, including: Electronic Imaging, Multimedia, Web Site Design, etc. Webmaster for company site. 

Faculty, Phillips College, Campbell, CA; Adjunct faculty, 1990-96. Instruct computer related classes for data processing department, including:  'C' Programming, Logic and Structured Design, BASIC, dBase, Lotus, WordPerfect, Algebra, DOS.  Coordinator, tutorial program and member, educational council in preparation for WASC regional accreditation.

Vice President and Investing Partner, Information Technology Center, Santa Clara, CA (d.b.a., Data Processing Consulting Services of Northern California, San Jose)  Designed and delivered  training in:   fiber optics testing and installation, computer applications and computer maintenance and repair.  Responsible for networked, computer laboratories on site. Installed Fiber Optics Lab, including test points/panels, patch panels, cable runs, etc. Marketed school programs and supervised staff and interns. Designed and presented courses in  Internet, Web Site Construction, and related topics. Participated in California State panel for Telecommunication Guidelines.   

Freelance Writer and Contributing Editor, West Coast Online and Bay Area Bulletin Board Advisor (BABBA). Articles under name [Thomas Pitre] at: 1998-9

Guest Editor - Distance Education Subject Area, Newhoo

1985-86-Instructor and Microcomputer Coordinator, Berkeley Adult School, Berkeley, CA.  Faculty, and implemented educational grant awarded by District.  

Faculty, Computer Software, Alameda Adult School, Alameda, CA

Faculty, Computers and Software Applications, Hayward Adult School, Hayward, CA.

Several other school districts, including Fremont (Sunnyvale, CA), Palo Alto, Morgan Hill, etc. in San Franciso Bay Area.

1971-Present Owner, Thomas Pitre Associates, Sequim, Washington. Independent Consultant, Moved to Sequim from San Jose in Feb., 1997. Private consultant to Bay Area companies (California) as a trainer, curriculum designer, programmer, graphics designer and consultant. 

Coordinator, Career and Vocational Education, Beacon School, San Jose, CA.  Directed special education instructors in computer and vocational education, including: electricity, plumbing and general shop. Implemented California State Education Grant.

1983-1985 Chair, Business Technology, Alameda Technical College, Hayward, CA  Coordinated Federal Examination Preparation Training.  Wrote and implemented curricula for US Government contracts.  Realized savings of expendables of 20% for academic years 83-85.  Designed individual training modules for private and CA State rehabilitation students.  Instrumental in obtaining validation from Council for Non-collegiate Continuing Education (CNCE).

1986-Present   Author, On-Line Publisher and Instructor of Web-based training. Volunteer with local, community groups and non-profits since 1997 in Sequim, WA.

University and Adult Education Instructor and Private, Educational Consultant. Principal, Thomas Pitre and Associates, San Jose. Private consultant.     Design and deliver workshops in: Computer Applications, Small Business Services, Desktop Publishing. Specializing in small business support and computer services and sales . Designed and presented courses in: Business Management Courses, including: Management Information Systems, Communications, Business Writing, Behavioral Decision Making, and Math for Managers. Responsible for faculty development and recruitment.   

Faculty, School of Education, National University, San Jose. Delivered and designed graduate courses in: Educational Technology, including: Task Analysis, Development of Learning Objectives.   

Master Instructor, City University, Santa Clara, CA. Designed and delivered Undergraduate and Graduate Courses in several areas, including Supervision, Management Statistics, Behavioral Decision Making, Report Writing, Managerial Communications, Math for Managers, etc.   

Guest Professor, (Computer Applications, Structured Programming, Database) Vista College, Berkeley; Phillip's Jr. College, Campbell; Adult Instructor, Bay Area School Districts, including: Mt. View, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Berkeley, San Jose, Hayward, Alameda, Sunnyvale and Morgan Hill.  


Master Class -Writing, with David Sedaris, On line January, 2020

Forensics - Begins October, 2018. Strathclyde University, Glascow 

Forensics - Begins October, 2018. Strathclyde University, Glascow

Writing Fictional Characters - Completed, March, 2018. Udemy on line course.  Udemy, San Francisco, CA. James Bruce Bruch, Author, Screenwriter and Teacher.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance May 23, 2016 - July 1, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Richard Chambers, Instructor. Associate Prof. Craig Hassed. Audited MOOC.

Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop
Mar 28, 2016 - May 15, 2016, California Institute of the Arts
Douglas Kearney, MFA, Instructor. Audited MOOC. Grade: 90.8%.  Completed course 5/4/2016.

Discover Dentistry, Feb., 2016. Christopher Stokes (Educator)
Senior Teacher in the School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield 

Design1o1 Redux, Part 1 and Part 2. MOOC, Nov., 2015-Feb., 2016 Abadir Academi di Belle Arti

Writing for the Web (WriteWeb) NOV 23 DEC 22. 2015  by Frankie Madden Open2Study Australia

The Design of Everyday Things,
Audit student, Udacity, June 2016. Senior instructor: Don Norman -- Human Centered Design. Professor Emeritus Departments of Cognitive Science and Psychology, UCSD. Norman is author of The Design of Everyday Things (Basic Books).

Architecture 101, Part I, II, and III. Abadir Sicily, Iversity MOOC
6 Month, three part course, Started Feb., 2015. Completed June, 2016.

Introduction to Journalism,
University of Strathclyde, Glascow, Scotland.
6 weeks, starting 29 September, 2014

Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society Univ. of Pennsylvania MOOC 21 April 2014, 8 weeks, to June, 2014

Creativity: Music to My Ears Stanford University MOOC Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Learning Creative Learning,
MIT. Cambridge, Mass.  MOOC. March, 2014 I was invited by staff to participate as a teaching assistant for this class.  

Creative Problem Solving by Brad Hokanson, PhD, Marit McCluske University of Minnesota MOOC
Feb. 2014 (DID NOT COMPLETE) Audited MOOC.

Design 101 (or Design Basics) MOOC, by Stefano Mirti, Anne-Sophie Gauvin, Prof. Giovanni Pasca Raymondi, and Dott. Lucia Giuliano Design 101, a whoami production for Iversity. A collaboration between the Abadir Academy of Fine Arts and IdLab. 28 Oct., 2013 to 3 January, 2014. (DID NOT COMPLETE)nAudited MOOC. process.

Creativity, Innovation, and Change MOOC Dr. Jack V. Matson, Dr. Darrell Velegol and Dr. Kathryn W. Jablokow, University of Pennsylvania. Sept., 2013, 8 weeks.

Design Thinking Action Lab, MOOC July 2013 .By Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Stanford University.


Fiction in a Flash: Art of the Very Short Story. Dept. of Liberal Studies and The Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison May, 2013

Information Security and Risk Management in Context
University of Washington, Jan. 2013.  Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Instructor. Center of Information Assurance and Cybersecurity PO Box 354985 University of Washington, Seattle WA 98105 - Survey, non-credit, independent, on-line course.

Writing Compelling Fiction. Dept. of Liberal Studies and The Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison January, 2012

Writing: “Celebrate Authorship”
on Saturday, October 22, 2011. Published author Georgia McDade, Ph.D. and a panel of local discuss Peaks and Pitfalls of Writing. Additional workshop, Memoirs, with Kathyrn Hunt, Sequim, 11-19-2011.

Expressive Drawing with Steve, Oct, 2010

Digital Photography
with Randall Tomaras, Photographer. 

Perfecting The Practice of Poetry, 15 hour, hands-on course led by guest instructor, Aholaah Arzah, MFA Student, Goddard College, Port Townsend. March, 2010

Introduction to Access; Delaware Technical and Community College, Feb-March, 2010.  Desc.: 

Private coaching in writing, including poetry, with Patty Kinney, MFA, author and writing teacher, Sequim, WA, October, 2009

Write in Time, Creative Writing Workshop, September, 2009, Sequim; Course leader, Susan Davis.  Hands-on writing using the Amherst Method. Background: 

How to Write Great Feature Articles, March, 2009, University of Wisconsin, Madison; 2009

Magazine Writing; 2006 - January.  

Beginning Writer's Workshop, Completed, Feb., 2006. 

Macromedia Director MX2004, (Multimedia Production, completed, May, 2006.)  Business Marketing Writing, Completed, April, 2006. The Keys to Effective Editing, April, 2007, Get Funny!, comedy writing class, completed, August, 2006. Technical Writing, completed July, 2007. Pleasures of Poetry, completed, September, 2007. All on line classes, 

Delaware Technical and Community College, Georgetown, Delaware. July, 2008: Descriptive Writing. 

Completed Fundamentals of Digital Photography, July, 2008 - New York Institute of Photography.

2002 - Graduate, Private Investigator training course. On line education via Thompson Education Direct Certificate Awarded, July, 2002. 

2000 - Graduate course in Internet Business, Jones International University.  

Java Programming, Blackhawk College, Illinois.

1983-1996  Continued Education, San Jose State University, Adult Education; ISTE, Eugene Oregon, Computer Technology and Education; U.C. Santa Cruz and U.C. Berkeley: Business Administration, Human Resource Development, Graphics, Programming, Education, Electronic Technology, Systems Analysis, Fiber Optics Theory and Installation. Graduate, The Forum; Landmark Education.   

1995 - Graduate, QDE (Quality Distance Education) Lessons Learned was a multimedia program for users of all types of distance education technologies. QDE is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the 46 universities and colleges that comprise the Distance Education Consortium (A*DEC).

1994 - Certificate in Information Science, with emphasis in Training, Facilitation, and Business Systems Analysis, Professional Training Center, Inc., San Jose, CA   

1994 - Certificate in Fiber Optics, 3M Certified Training, Professional Training Center, Inc., San Jose, CA  

1987 -  Graduate, Institute on Thinking and Creativity, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA 

1986 - Ph.D., Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, CA. Emphasis in Bus./Voc. Education. Dissertation and Research Topic: Future Clerical and Information Processing Personnel: Recommendations for Curricula and Vocational Preparation.
Thomas Pitre received his degree in 1986 from Columbia Pacific University. The school closed their doors in 2001. Prior to that date, according to the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education: “CPU degrees awarded before June 25, 1997 are legally valid. Your degree, and any credential or license you received by virtue of the degree, should not be affected. CPU had legal approval to operate until June 25, 1997, and the degrees it issued before June 25, 1997 are legal.” This was taken from

The link is from the
California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education 400 R Street, Suite 5000 Sacramento, CA 95814-6200. The date of the document is 23 Jan., 2007. At the time Thomas graduated and received his degree, CPU was a highly respected school in its field. More from the website, above: CPU degrees awarded before June 25, 1997 are legally valid. The degree, and any credential or license received by virtue of the degree, should not be affected. CPU had legal approval to operate until June 25, 1997, and the degrees it issued before June 25, 1997 are legal. See: 

1971 - M.A., Creative Arts/English minor, San Francisco State University Photography studio and lab with Jack Welpott. 

1963 -  B.F.A., Fine Arts, Education and Art History minors, San Francisco Art Institute, an affiliate of the University of California. Creative writing with Ken Lash, C. 1961. Audited design classes with Jay Baldwin. Painting and art classes with Richard Diebenkorn, Julius Hatofsky, Nathan Oliveria and other notable artists, sculptors and print makers. Oliveira



  • Administrative, Private Post-Secondary Teaching Credentials. Subjects include: English and Remedial Skills, Office Skills, Word Processing, Data Processing, Mechanics and Graphics 
  • California Teaching Designated Subject Credentials in General Arts and Crafts, Computer Applications, Business Office Skills 

  • Community College Teaching Credential; Fine and Applied Arts and Related Technologies 

  • Certified Automotive Repairperson, Sequoia Institute, Mt. View, CA, November, 1974 - Licensed, California SMOG, Lamp and Brake licenses. 

  • Certified Motorcycle Mechanic, American Motorcycle Institute, Daytona Beach, FL, Summer, 1977 

  • Certified in General Maintenance Skills (600 hr. course) including: welding, refrigeration, carpentry, surveying, plumbing; Modesto Jr. College Vocational Skills Center, Stanislaus County, November , 1980 

  • Certified Trainer, Butler Learning Systems, Dayton, OH, 1987 

  • Certified Course Developer, Darryl Sink, Ph.D., Associates, San Jose, 1988 

  • Certified 3M Fiber Optics Installer, 1993 (Professional Training Center, San Jose, CA) 

  • Certified Environmental Inspector (CIE).  Scottsdale, AZ, 1993 

  • Certified Associate Waste Management Specialist , 1993 

  • Certified Private Investigator , 2002 

(past & present affiliations and memberships)

Clallam and Jefferson Counties Science Technology and Manufacturing Association (STMA) 

Online News Association, Bethesda, Maryland

Member, The Assn. of Electronic Journalists, Radio-Television News Directors Association and Foundation.(RTNDF) 

Vice President/Webmaster, Sequim PC User's Group (SPCUG) , Sequim, WA, 2003, 2004, 2005 Nominated to President, SPCUG, December elections, 2007. Vice President, 2009, 2010.

World Future Society

Sequim Retired Scientists Club and PC SIG, Moderator, 2005

Strait Macintosh User's Group

California Council for Adult Education

Club of 1000, Center for Futures Research, USC, Los Angeles, CA

Office of the Future Panel, BSI, New York

Director, Education, SeniorNet,  San Jose, CA

Society of Automotive Engineers

Educational Futurists, ASCD, Portland, OR

Phi Delta Kappa Educational Fraternity, Berkeley, CA

International Society for Technical Education

American Society for Training and Curriculum

Quality Distance Education Coordinator, University of Wisconsin QDE Program

Advocates for Remote Employment and the Virtual Office (AREVO)

Association for Corporate Computing Technical Professionals (NASPA)

Brain-Based Education Network, St. Paul, MN

Member, IDC Mobile Advisory Council

Volunteer, Technology Industry Cluster, Economic Development Council, Clallam County, Port Angeles, WA, 8/2002-Present.  Clallam County is leading the state with Industry Cluster development and Washington's Governor Locke and The Washington State Office of Trade and Economic Development are using our model for WA state.

Founder, The Fovea Group, (old pages) Sequim, WA - Business and Communication think tank and communications service.

Co-founder and Editor, Choices and Voices, Sequim, WA, 2005-August, 2007.- Community and Civic Journalism web site, e-publication, etc., with associated BLOG.

Volunteer Webmaster, COGS (Community Organic Garden, Sequim), 2009-Present.

Olycap/Early Childhood Services, Sequim. Coordinator, J. Burroughs, Manager, IT.  Volunteer advisor:  software/hardware/training/business practices and new technology. 2010-2013.

Advisory Board, Science Café, Sequim, WA, Oct., 2012. Other duties included graphics, mailings, logo design.


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