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NOTE: As you know, the web is dynamic, so many of the links are no longer "live".  If you would like to see an archived copy via archive.org, or a hard copy, please ask, and I would be happy and quick to oblige.
T. P., Nov., 2006

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    Direction Giving and Heuristics - Is information Power? What are information tools and hueristics and how are they used? -8 Dec 1998 -The Art of Presenting Information Graphically, On Line -Discussion of graphics on web pages. -24 Nov 1998 -The Art of Presenting Information Graphically, On-line
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    Approved Course Number(s): 11RR0096 360Training, Austin, Texas

    Posted by CraigConway | 09/03/08 02:22 PM EDT  There is misinformation in this article that needs clarification. The Utah School of Real Estate does indeed offer the "Meth Madness" course in an online format. However, that course, along with the other real estate courses mentioned in the article, was created, copyrighted, and published by Americas Best, an online real estate educational provider. The Utah School of Real Estate is one of Americas Best's wholesale affiliates and has no rights or permission to give it to BrainHoney to offer this title for free. From Forbes.Com


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    Letter, photos and poem published Nov. 2008

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  3. Twitter your Time Away; June, 2009. PowerPoint presentation and demonstration on setting up and using Twitter

  4. Finding Things on Your Computer, Featuring Explorer and Google Desktop Search, September, 2009. PowerPoint demonstration and lecture

  5. Scanning; Tips and Tricks, - Scanocity. September, 2009. PowerPoint demonstration and lecture scheduled for December, 2009.

  6. Festisite http://www.festisite.com/poems/view/yesterdays-paper/ "Yesterday's Paper" and "I, Bear"
    http://www.festisite.com/poems/view/i-bear/ 10-09

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  17. Back Room Management - Presentation to the community and to members of the Sequim PC User's Group, 13 Nov., 2010.  Featured use of existing hardware and free software tools to market and manage a small retail outlet or home business. Included work with Dropbox, Homepipe, BLOGGER and Twitter. In addition, the demo and discussion featured file and data management, advertising and marketing, good practices, security, data integrity and training in the business environment on a modest, but realistic scale.

  18. Sequim Tech Fair: 19 March, 2011. Sequim H.S., Sequim. Free & Low Cost Options for a Computer Enhanced Life. - "Tom Pitre, PhD presents an amazing array of programs, tools and hardware that you can use for business, pleasure and publicity. Tom understands the world of computers, business and publicity like few others. This is a great seminar to expand your business opportunities. Tom Pitre originated the idea for a Tech & Media Fair."

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Last Revision : 10/25/2015


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